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There are 5 books in this year’s Award. You challenge is to try and read all of them and then vote on your favourite. There will be certificates and prizes for those who do!

Read the first 1 or 2 chapters in your group and answer the following questions:

1. Who is telling the story?

2. Who are the main characters? What are they like? Describe them.

3. Where and when do you think the story is set?

4. What happens?

5. Predict what you think might happen in the rest of the book.

6. What kind of book is it? Genre?

7. Write down any new words you did not know and use a dictionary/thesaurus to find out what they mean and find alternative words the author could have used.

Other Activities

  • Find out what reading activities you can take part in at your local Southwark library
  • Script-writing
  • Draw the characters and label them with descriptions from the book
  • Design a different cover
  • Design a film poster/advert for the book
  • Devise an alternative title
  • Write a newspaper report for an incident in the book
  • Storyboard an event or chapter
  • Interview one of the characters
  • Write a diary entry for one of the characters
  • Fill in your Review booklet
  • Make a wordsearch based on the book
  • Write a problem page letter from a character to an agony aunt
  • Write a letter to the author explaining what you liked and didn't like in the book
  • Research the author on the internet and prepare a presentation for the class
  • Write a review here on the website

Naomi on Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Ran Away From the Circus (and Joined the Library):

I thought this book was very interesting because it had lots of very unusal things in it. First of all , there is a boy called Fizzleburt Stump and he lives in a circus with his mum and dad but I don'...


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