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Schools Taking Part

  • St Thomas the Apostle School,
  • Charter School,
  • Notre Dame R C Secondary School,

The Project

  • The aims of the award are: to link secondary schools and feeder primaries; to promote enjoyment in reading; to extend reading choices; to assist in transition.
  • Copies of books are available in every participating school for nominated groups to borrow, read, discuss and review
  • Pupils post reviews, comments and votes on website by late June 2010.
  • All pupils and teachers meet in late June 2010 to celebrate the winning book


The 2010 Award

  • 2010 was the fourth year of the award
  • The winning book was Killer Clone by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore with 163 votes, with Grubtown Tales a very close second with 162 votes.
  • 24 schools took place - over 1000 pupils!
  • Nearly 1000 reviews were posted
  • Winners from each school won prizes and certificates. One student was nominated from each participating school as the keenest reader who had read the most books or posted the best reviews. They received a special prize of a visit to Surrey Docks Farm. (See photo gallery for photos from the visit).
  • Results
    • 6th Place - Wilma Tenderfoot and the Case of the Frozen Hearts - 98 votes
    • 5th Place - How Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant - 99 votes
    • 4th Place - The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43 - 127 votes
    • 3rd Place - The TV Time Travellers - 129 votes
    • 2nd Place - Grubtown Tales - 162 votes
    • 1st Place - Killer Clone - 163 votes

Lily on Shadow:

I enjoyed this book despite not being a book I would choose to read. Just by reading it from different view points ( Matt, Aman etc ) I could easily understand how every character was feeling to make ...


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